Non-Toxic, Non-Carcinogenic, Biodegradable Crop Booster
Dramatically increases crop yields, even in dry climates
100% biodegradable and non-toxic - safe for humans & the environment
Dissolves chemical buildup in contaminated soils
Improves overall plant health and stamina
  • Improves plant health
  • Improved water and nutrient uptake
  • Better resistance to insect & disease
  • Resistance to cold (down to 27° F)
  • Increased sugar content for better tasting crops
  • Increases profits
  • Less fertilizer required
  • Extended growing seasons
  • Better tasting fruits and vegetables
  • Earlier to market
  • Increased shelf life of harvested crops
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Plant based, 100% biodegradable ingredients
  • Non-carcinogenic, non-fuming, non-toxic, non-caustic
  • Requires no special protective equipment
  • Non-polluting to water or air

Welcome To Our Website

I'm Dr. Leon Hesser, CEO of Hesser Associates. I hope by the time you leave our site, you will share our excitement about BioWash, a plant booster solution that is emerging as nothing short of a miraculous innovation in improved crop production around the world.

Originally the brainchild of Dr. Ted Tidwell, BioWash and its second generation innovation, BioWash Soil Amendment, is gaining international attention for its efficacy in the treatment of overworked, chemical laden soils, even in arid climates.

I have spent my entire life working in and around agriculture so I can say, with authority, that I believe BioWash can be instrumental in reducing world hunger. This seems like a lofty statement but I have personally witnessed how inroads to such an insurmountable problem can be achieved. As a former US Foreign Service Officer for Pakistan and past US Director of worldwide programs to increase food production in developing nations, I have a unique and seasoned perspective of the issues associated with increasing food production in underdeveloped nations.

As the personal biographer and friend of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Norman Borlaug, who received the only Nobel Peace Prize for work in agriculture and food during the twentieth century, I witnessed firsthand how agricultural challenges can be overcome with dedication, patience and education.

Dr. Borlaug's work is often referred to as "The Green Revolution". I believe that BioWash may come to be the catalyst for the "Second Green Revolution", as growers large and small learn what BioWash can do for them and their lands.

Come dream with us! Your descendants will thank you.
"I am using BioWash in my drip system. I drip feed 1800 plants twice per week in a regular nutrient regimen. After the fruit sets, I use BioWash in my foliar spraying, which I conduct every 10 days. The berries this year are outstanding and much larger than last year; we are producing blueberries the size of a nickel. Our customers are amazed and the word is getting out about how incredible our berries are, grown right here in SE Kansas."

Lance Chastain,
Chautauqua Hills Farms,
SE Kansas – USA
"I have been out in the farmlands all these days demonstrating PG and Bio wash and freely sampling to farmers across the country. It is very, very heartening that all the field work over this time has been received with great enthusiasm and has started giving fruitful results. I am attaching some snaps of farms after they used our Biowash. These are the lead farmer teams who have switched 100% to Biowash and are spreading the word around.....About 50 farmers visit their farms daily to see their results and the bountiful crops."

Deap Shukla,
"Corn biowashed June 6, June 16th and July 11th, all 1 oz of 100% Biowash to 4 gallons of water. First sprayed 6/6/12 at 6 inches, 2nd spray at knee length 6/16/12 and third spray on 7/11/12 up to hip then, within days it shot up. Incredibly sweet."

Tanya P,
New York State – USA
"Last year our grove of 1,500 trees produced 1801 boxes of oranges. We removed one third of the lower producing trees in a grove management plan. We sprayed the remaining 2/3rd with Bio Wash. With 500 fewer trees, the grove produced 2,484 boxes of oranges this year! In other words, last year the average was a yield of about 1.2 boxes of navel oranges a tree. This year the average yield was 2.4 boxes a tree… double. This increased the income of the grove 37% with 33% less trees."

Gary Scott,
Mt Dora Florida – USA
"Here is the data from the alfalfa testing I did this past season. I am totally convinced that the Biowash 100 was responsible to elevate marginal soil to that of highly productive soil. That in itself is exciting as we have marginal acres that can now be very productive when the correct crop is selected. We had significant boosts in yield from corn trials that we did. Preliminary scan of the data indicates that the "poorer" soil type actually outperformed the "better" soil types. This fact has huge implications for production prospects."

Bob Treloar,
Iowa State – USA
"I did not experience any leaf hopper pressure on my alfalfa last year. My crop scout confirmed that they did not see any alarming numbers throughout the season. I sprayed with BioWash 100 after every cutting. The crop scout made sweeps to count leaf hoppers and other insects, but numbers were low. Late in the season grasshoppers were prevalent in general in areas that had not had BioWash treatment. Many producers reported many grasshoppers on their fourth cutting of hay. They were almost swarm-like in the hay."

Alton Holt,
Silsbee TX – USA